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Spread of Enlightenment ideas French Revolution

Blog #32

In France They Revolution (1789-1815) was heavily affected through the philosophes that people find out about in Ch. 17 and also the ideas from the Enlightenment. Also, the American Revolution from the British monarchy and also the subsequent American Metabolic rate was very vital that you the leaders from the French Revolution.

Some Enlightenment ideas that were utilized in in france they Revolution were:
1. Natural privileges - existence, liberty, property
2. Equality for those males
3. Social Contract - government derives its energy in the people, not God
4. Religious freedom
5. Separation of forces - executive, judicial, legislative
6. Written metabolic rate
7. Voting for people (capability to pick their leaders)
8. Freedom of expression, freedom from the press, freedom to put together
9. Schools were enhanced, not based mostly on the Chapel

However, there have been occasions, throughout all stages from the French Revolution that a few of these Enlightenment ideas were tricked through the leaders (and mobs) from the French Revolution.

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