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French Revolution Enlightenment DBQ

DBQ 8 French Revolution

French Revolution Documentary

Sophia Lai Hour 1 DBQ 8 French Revolution Rewrite from Hell In France They Revolution would be a catalytic event that, with time, changed the conservative sights and objectives of those to some large extent, into individuals which were more radical compelling participants to desire revolutionary telecomutting saves gas (specifically for women), political change like installing a brand new government, and also the assertion of natural privileges. The Revolution initially would be a protest from the royal government, but ideas of making a constitutional monarchy were soon changed by something entirely new- a republic. The increase of nationalism and passion for one’s country certainly performed a job within the within this change. In Document 10, Napoleon addresses his males as “soldiers of liberty” and tries to appeal for their patriotism. It's not surprising he is doing this because it’s clearly in the self-interest to motivate his males with feelings of glory and patriotism for morale is essential within the military. Additionally, Napoleon known as the nobleman arrogant, and the like sights of negative character were held throughout the Revolution. Prior to the Revolution, the monarchy was rather revered, however, people like Robespierre thought the monarchy was weak, prejudiced, and filled with vice ( Document 8). These decreasing sights from the monarchy could be tracked towards the disillusionment the folks must have felt after getting a government that declined to hear them for such a long time. Obviously, with those things of Louis XVI, it is common for Robespierre to criticize the monarchy to be

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