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Enlightenment ideas on French Revolution

The French Revolution

Enlightenment ideas


1. Ideas from the enlightenment and the simplicity of disbursing the written word.

2. Growth and development of a middle-class which didn't have political energy

3. A sizable gap in wealth between wealthy and poor.

4. An irresponsible aristocracy a legacy from the reign of Louis XIV

5. Depression within the 1789, shortages of food, soaring food prices, unemployment in Paris, and
over-population in Paris

6. Economic crisis at the very top, because of the refusal of the fortunate aristocracy to shoulder a
share from the financial burden


Moderate phase: 1789-1792

The King, confronted with personal bankruptcy, attempted to boost revenues in the aristocracy by calling the Estates General into session. It last met in 1614 if this was organized into 3 estates:
1. Nobility Each estate had one election.
2. Local clergy
3. 3rd estate

Impasse developed over voting. The Next Estate, now bigger, reflecting changes which in fact had happened in France since 1614, was adamant each delegate must have one election.

France was at a depression. Soaring food prices introduced great privation and difficulty.

Paris would be a hotbed of unrest beggars, frantically the indegent, unemployed inside a city having a high amount of literacy. Numerous literature, many with inflammatory messages critical from the monarchy, fanned the discontent.

The King, encircled by aristocratic experts, known as out an 18Thousand guy military. This inflamed tempers and fears within the city.

Once the 3rd estate were barred in the set up hall, they met inside a nearby tennis court and swore the tennis court oath, pledging to stay together.

Popular uprising happened whenever a mob broke in to the Bastille on This summer 14, 1789. The commander from the garrison and also the mayor of Paris were grabbed and beheaded, their heads held on pikes because the mob marched with the roads.

The edgy leadership from the 3rd estate organized to protect the town, while making up themselves because the National Set up.

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