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Enlightenment French Revolution test

Scientific Revolution/enlightenment Chapter Test Practice

France, french revolution

21 Questions I By Kevhugh

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1. The concept that guy comes into the world equal with natural privileges which it is the government's job to safeguard individuals privileges are prominent within the Promise of Independence. That document was based MOST around the ideas which from the following?
2. Authors from the Enlightenment were mainly thinking about
A. Discussing the function from the chapel in society
B. Marketing elevated energy for European monarch
C. Supporting the divine right theory
D. Altering the connection between people as well as their government
3. John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau could be probably to aid
Coming back to feudalism in Europe
A government ruled with a divine right monarchy
A society ruled through the Catholic Chapel
A society where the people find the ruler
4. Throughout the Scientific Revolution and also the Enlightenment, one similarity within the work of numerous researchers and philosophers was they
Depended heavily around the ideas of medieval thinkers
Preferred a complete monarchy as a means of enhancing economic conditions
Received support in the Catholic Chapel
Examined natural laws and regulations regulating the world
5. In France They word ___________ meant “philosopher”, or “enlightened thinker.”
6. Rousseau contended that via a __________, a whole society concurs to become controlled by its general will.
7. ________________ belittled using the dying penalty, calling it hypocritical and cruel.
8. ______________ was known in order to obtain rationalism and the statement “I think, well, i am.”
9. The authors and philosophers from the Enlightenment thought the federal government choices ought to be according to
Fundamental religious values
Laws and regulations of character and reason
The idea of divine right of nobleman
10. Which of this is connected using the term “federal system”?
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