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Enlightenment and French Revolution Quiz

Posted on December 24, 2014 – 01:25 pm

Montesquieu- Spirit of the

20 Questions I By Kevhugh

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1. The requirement for gunpowder and weapons brought to
A. The Storming from the Bastille
B. The Promise of the Privileges of Guy
D. War with Austria/Prussia
2. In 1789, King Louis XVI summoned the Estates-General mainly to
Eliminate feudal dues.
Boost the influence from the peasants.
C. Raise taxes to repay growing debt.
Safeguard the rights of the foremost and Second Estates
3. The Tennis Court Oath is made by
Several moderates referred to as Girondists.
Reps from the Third Estate.
4. The Tennis Court Oath pledged
The Third Estate would not fit in with a Tennis club
That tennis bracelets in France ought to be destroyed
The Third Estate/National Set up would remain together until a Metabolic rate was written
That King Louis XVI should die
5. Which from the following were treasonous functions committed by Louis?
Supporting the Revolution
Proclaiming the nation's Set up unconstitutional
Proclaiming fight against Austria
Attempting to escape France
6. People from the political faction favoring extreme change were known as
7. King Louis XVI left Versailles for Paris when his structure was encircled by
Nobles demanding greater rights.
Peasants demanding voting privileges.
Soldiers demanding greater wages.
Women demanding bread.
8. The following French leaders died through the guillotine EXCEPT
9. Prior to the revolution, people from the Third Estate had
A more compact tax burden compared to other estates.
A voice in government comparable to those of the foremost and Second Estates.
Greater political influence compared to local clergy.
A higher tax burden and little political energy.
10. Which from the following groups wasn't exempt in the French taille (primary tax)?
11. The attack on the Paris prison by angered people was known as
The storming from the Bastille.
12. Which from the following brought towards the French Revolution?
Economic crisis in France
The lavish investing of Louis XVI and Marie Antionette
The inequality from the Estate system
13. The unconventional Journalist who had been the editor of "The Friend of thoseInch was ___________. He was assassinated by Charlotte now Corday.
14. Title among the two nations who have been willing to visit war with France to assist Louis regan his energy?
15. The unconventional Jacobin who presided within the Reign of Terror was
16. The audience which was given remarkable forces to safeguard France from outdoors invasion was referred to as
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