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Enlightenment and French Revolution ideas

The Scottish Enlightenment and the French Revolution

Module : The French
Ideas in Context. Cambridge: Cambridge College Press.


Historians of ideas have typically talked about the value of in france they Revolution with the prism of countless major understanding, such as the commentaries of Burke, Tocqueville and Marx. This book argues the Scottish Enlightenment offered an alternate and equally effective interpretative framework for that Revolution, which centered on the transformation from the polite, civilised moeurs which had defined the 'modernity' analysed by Hume and Cruz three hundred years ago. The Scots observed the things they understood like a military- and democracy-brought transformation of European modern morals and came to the conclusion the real historic value of the Revolution lay within the transformation of warfare, national feelings and relations between states, war and commerce that characterised the publish-revolutionary worldwide order. This book rebounds the Scottish philosophers' effective discussion from the character of publish-revolutionary modernity and implies that it is important to our knowledge of nineteenth-century political thought.

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