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What Enlightenment ideas did Napoleon support?

What ideas of the Enlightenment did Napoleon Bonaparte support

Was Napoleon Bonaparte an

Napoleon supported several ideas from the Enlightenment. To begin with, he supported education, growing educational oppurtunites for individuals looking for educational funding through scholarship grants and construction of colleges. He even produced some schools that offered primary education for women. Also, he supported religious toleration using the Concordat of 1801 where he handled to keep peace using the pope while still protecting religious toleration in France. Also, he granted toleration to Protestants, in addition to encouraging Jews to assimilate into French society and promising them equal treatment when they decided to serve France. He codified French laws and regulations, developing a reasonable Code that guaranteed the Enlightnment beliefs in individual freedom, religoius toleration, equality prior to the law. Also, he supported meritocracy rather than that old Regime's focus on bloodline and wealth.

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