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Enlightenment ideas summary

Hail the 21st-century Enlightenment. Ideas don't come much bigger

Enlightenment ideas helped

We have had several weeks of debate (and confusion) concerning the Large Society, many years of entertainment from Your Government, so possibly it is just timely this week might find the launch of some Large Ideas. It can make a big change to lift eyes in the detail of coalition contracts or even the chances on the planet Cup and undertake board an research into the grand sweep of history, new scientific experience into human instinct, and just how we are able to ensure our survival. This is actually the territory investigated inside a pamphlet with a "21st-century Enlightenment" to become released now. "Large" within this context clearly can't be ignored like a marketing ploy ideas don't come larger.

This is an intriguing group of ideas drawn together by Matthew Taylor (former Downing Street policy agent to Tony Blair), simply to sketch out how much of an institution founded within the 18th-century Enlightenment needs to be doing – the solution being to create the 21st-century Enlightenment, which is the new strapline for that Royal Society of Arts. No small ambition here.

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