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Enlightenment ideas spread PPT

Mr. Winsor's BC World History

Of enlightenment ideas?

Setting happens
The philosophes' sights about society frequently got them in danger since it was illegal to criticize either the Catholic Chapel or even the government. Many arrived in prison or were exiled. Nonetheless, the Enlightenment spread all through Europe with the aid of books, magazines, and person to person.

c. A category discussion will occur having a Ms powerpoint (ET Thinkers)
2. Enlightenment Propagates
a. Students will examine pages 636-639. These pages review techniques of distributing all the
enlightened ideas in Europe throughout the 1700s. This is finished for any class discussion
tomorrow at school.
b. Enlightenment Propagates Attachment

- Let you know that ideas spread all through Europe
- Describe alterations in art, music, and literature throughout the Enlightenment

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