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Enlightenment ideas in the Haitian Revolution

Edward Bozik's Revolutions Honors Blog

Enlightenment ideas not just effected in france they revolution they also were built with a great impact on the Haitian revolution. Over fifty percent from the Haitian population was slaves. And concepts were distributing about freedom and liberty. The slaves would hear news from the french revolution in the french mariners in the docks. The brand new ideas of freedom inspired them. These idea gave them hope that France will give them freedom. The slaves of Haiti increased fed up with awaiting France to abolish slavery but France finally eliminated slavery. However their freedom had been asked by entering The spanish language and British forces that may re-install slavey. The recently freed slaves needed to fight plus they found their leader in Toussant, an old slave themself. A guy who once understood the discomfort to be oppressed. The slaves needed an innovator that had exactly the same enlightenment ideas baked into them. These enlightenment ideas were so strong within the slaves it forced these to fight for which they feel in. They needed to fight for his or her freedom because someone was taking it from them. The enlightenment ideas wouldn't disappear either. When Toussant was arrested and Leclerc required the arms from the slaves away, they rebelled. They feared their freedom could be removed again so that they fought against back in france they. The haitian revolution could happen due to enlightenment ideas. They gave the slaves something to battle for even when was against all odds. It had been due to that determination the Haitian revolution could function as the first effective slave revolt ever.
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