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Enlightenment ideas in Spain

Posted on September 5, 2016 – 08:06 pm

The Counter-Enlightenment

The final couple of many years of the rule from the psychologically challenged and childless Charles II, were centered through the politics of who'd succeed the unfortunate monarch, the final The spanish language king from the Habsburg empire. Economic troubles, the decay from the The spanish language paperwork, a number of defeats in wars against France, and also the erosion of imperial institutions within the seventeenth century had left Charles the king of the decreasing empire, and the mental and physical weakness provided him with little capability to reverse the path of his country. Nevertheless, the vastness from the The spanish language Empire within the " New World ", together with her naval assets, had made The country part of European energy politics. When the throne of The country ended up being to succeed to some relative from the king of France, or maybe the 2 nations may be u . s ., the total amount of energy in Europe might change in France's favor. Whether it continued to be at the disposal of another person in the anti-French, Austrian Habsburg empire, things as they are would remain. Therefore, European politics throughout the seventeenth century grew to become centered by creating an orderly succession in The country that will not affect the balance between Europe's great forces.

Charles II, who had been the unfortunate consequence of decades of Habsburg inbreeding, decreed in a single of his last official functions that his crown would pass to his nephew, Philip of Anjou, the Bourbon grand son of King Louis XIV of France, and also the heir towards the French throne. Castilian legitimists, who valued the succession from the nearest heir from the king within the continuation of Habsburg rule, supported the king's plan. The spanish language authorities were also worried about The country remaining a completely independent country, instead of another area of the French or Austrian empires. Nevertheless, on hearing this news that his grand son became King of The country, Louis XIV announced, "The Pyrenees aren't any more."

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