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Against the Enlightenment
Title: The Emergence and Challenge from the Modern Library Building: Ideal Types, Model Libraries, and Recommendations, in the Enlightenment towards the Experience Economy
Abstract: The evolution of contemporary libraries continues to be carefully associated with the introduction of modernity in Western communities, both with regards to the introduction of social existence within the last centuries and also to the growing need for reading through, information, and understanding and also to the minds of enlightenment, democracy, tolerance, and also the open society. The growing quantity of library structures and the introduction of library space are members of the higher ease of access of knowledge, the outlet from the organization of understanding, and the development of an open sphere. This short article examines the building of the current library building and also the related discourse by choosing important model structures, recommendations, discussions, and experiments reflecting various cultural and social visions of democracy and openness. The perspective is worldwide. An analysis consists of the physical along with the social construction from the modern library space as well as its identity and “libraryness.”
Problem Date: 2011
Writer: Johns Hopkins College Press and also the Graduate School of Library and knowledge Science. College of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Citation Info: In Library Trends 60 (1) Summer time 2011: 11-42.
Genre: Article
Type: Text
Language: British
ISSN: 0024-2594
DOI: 10.1353/lib.2011.0027
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