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Most enlightened person in the World

Is this the world's happiest man?

Andy Francis (left) and associate scientist and Antoine Lutz (right) outfit Matthieu Ricard with a net of 128 sensorsA French genetic researcher may appear as an unusual person to carry the title - but Matthieu Ricard may be the world's most joyful guy, based on scientists.

The 66-year-old switched his back on Parisian intellectual existence 4 decades ago and gone to live in India to review Buddhism. He's now a detailed confidante from the Dalai Lama and revered western scholar of faith.

Now it appears daily meditation has already established other benefits - improving Mr Ricard's convenience of pleasure.

A computer monitor displays graphic renderings of Matthieu Ricard's brain during an MRI test at the University of Wisconsin-MadisonNeuroscientist Richard Davidson wired in the monk's skull with 256 sensors in the College of Wisconsin included in research on 100s of advanced professionals of meditation.

The scans demonstrated that whenever meditation on empathy, Ricard's brain produces an amount of gamma waves - individuals associated with awareness, attention, learning and memory - 'never reported before within the neuroscience literature', Davidson stated.

The scans also demonstrated excessive activity in the brain's left prefrontal cortex in comparison to the right counterpart, giving him an abnormally large convenience of happiness along with a reduced tendency towards negativity, scientists believe.

Research in to the phenomenon, referred to as "neuroplasticity", is within its infancy and Ricard continues to be the main thing on ground-breaking experiments together with other leading researchers around the globe.

'We happen to be searching for 12 years in the aftereffect of short and lengthy-term mind-training through meditation on attention, on empathy, on emotional balance, ' he stated.

Ricard: 'Meditation is not just blissing out under a mango tree but it completely changes your brain''We've found amazing results with lengthy-term professionals who did 50Thousand models of meditation, but additionally with three days of twenty minutes each day, which obviously is much more relevant to the modern occasions.'

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Andy Francis (left) and connect researcher and Antoine Lutz (right) outfit Matthieu Ricard having a internet of 128 sensors

A pc monitor shows graphic renderings of Matthieu Ricard's brain throughout an MRI test in the College of Wisconsin-Madison

He put into AFP: 'It's an excellent section of research since it implies that meditation isn't just blissing out within mango tree however it completely changes your mind and for that reason changes what you're.A

He thinks meditation can transform the mind and improve individuals happiness in the same manner that weight lifting wears muscle.

The boy of philosopher Jean-Francois Revel and abstract watercolour painter Yahne Le Toumelin, grew to become something of the celebrity after writing 'The Monk And Also The Philosopher' together with his father. It was a dialogue around the concept of existence.

He accompanied having a practical guide this year known as 'The Art Of Meditation' making the situation why others should stick to the same path.

MATTHIEU RICARD ON Why You Need To MEDITATE And Just How It Can Be Done

The skill of Meditation is released by Atlantic Books

Mattieu Ricard has discussed The skill of Meditation inside a video located through the charitable organisation RSA. Here are a few tips and hints...

The Art of Meditation is published by Atlantic Books MRI The scans showed excessive activity in the left prefrontal cortex of Ricard's brain compared to its right counterpart A computer monitor displays data being recorded during an EEG test conducted with Mr Ricard
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