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European Enlightenment and the Atlantic World

Origins of Revolution in the Atlantic World

The Age of Enlightenment

By the start of the 1700s, south america, Europe, and Africa created a part of a global thoroughly connected through the exchange of peoples, goods, and concepts over the Atlantic Sea. In the following paragraphs, we consider the most significant changes that formed that Atlantic world by the center of the 1700s. The Enlightenment created a revolution in ideas and culture. An industrial and trade revolution progressively tied together all of the peoples from the Atlantic world, andEngland had begun to initiate the first many years of probably the most important economic alterations in human history—the Industrial Revolution. Finally, new political ideas brought at a time of political revolutions. These changes in ideas, financial aspects, and politics mark the start of what today we call today's world.

Through the 1700s, south america, Europe, andAfrica created a part of a global thoroughly connected through the exchange of peoples, goods, and concepts.

  1. Centuries of European immigration, the slave trade, and commerce had produced an Atlantic world.
  2. Ideas crisscrossed theAtlantic (South and north), in addition to peoples and goods.
  3. This exchange grew to become particularly important through the other half from the 1700s.

What we should call the modern world emerged within the 1700s.

  1. The Enlightenment was the truly amazing intellectual and cultural transformation from the 1700s.
  2. In economic terms, the truly amazing transformation from the late 1700s may be the Industrial Revolution, starting in England however with ripples and consequences around the world.
  3. The political revolutions, starting with the 13 colonies in 1776 andFrance in 1789, created the 3rd great transformation resulting in the development of today's world.

These great transformations—intellectual, economic, and political—ripple and rumble over the Atlantic world within the 1700s.

A. The Enlightenment is really a broad and general term for a number of intellectual and cultural changes over the 1700s.

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