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Enlightenment World History PowerPoint

Unit 2 Enlightenment & Revolutions (CST 10.2)


Performance Tasks

10.2.1 Assess how Enlightenment ideas along with other occasions affected two following revolutions: Glorious Revolution, American Revolution, and French Revolution.
Level 3 will include:
- Compares and contrasts how ideas and/or thinkers affected each revolution
- Compares and contrasts how historic occasions and/or actions that affected each
- Properly uses historic documents, people, occasions, and/or dates as evidence
Level 4 includes:
- Masterfully incorporate multiple, specific, historic good examples as evidence.
- Assess impact of both revolutions on today's world.
10.2.2 List the concepts of and provide specific good examples of three from the following documents: the Magna Carta, the British Bill of Privileges (1689), the American Promise of Independence (1776), in france they Promise of the Privileges of Guy and also the Citizen (1789), and also the U.S. ?Picture What concepts have
Level 4 includes: What type of progression in law would you see through the years? Are people
given pretty much protection? How about business?
*** Listed here are the hanouts from class 10/18:
10.2.1 Prompt Review
Another Choose 10.2.1 here
Graphic Organizer for 10.2.2 here
Another Choose 10.2.2 here

Vocabulary Frontload

These terms will compromise your matching section in your unit assessment. PPT

PictureRevolution in England

Dark Ages PPT
Protestant Reformation &lifier Scientific Revolution PPT
Democracy in England PPT


Enlightenment Philosophers PPT
Enlightenment Philosophers Primary Source Packet
Enlightenment Era PPT
Enlightenment Propagates PPT

American Revolution

Route to Revolution PPT
Promise of Independence PPT
Revolution &lifier Metabolic rate PPT
Metabolic rate Day Prezi
Impact of yankee Metabolic rate on Other Nations Activity
Picture Picture
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