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Enlightenment and Revolution World History

Ch 28: The Enlightenment & World Revolutions

Reviewers (continued) Teacher

The training within this chapter expose you to the thinkers and prominent figures from the Enlightenment period. Professional teachers train you about major revolutions that influenced the planet, such as the French Revolution and also the Second Industrial Revolution. In the finish of the chapter, you know about:

Video Objective
Phases from the French Revolution: Overview &lifier Occasions Recounts the main occasions that happened throughout in france they Revolution. Introduces key leaders and particulars the storming from the Bastille.
Napoleon Bonaparte and also the Fight of Waterloo Explores Napoleon's go back to France and also the major battles that happened after he came back to energy. Represents occasions in the Fight of Waterloo and Napoleon's ultimate defeat.
Independence for Guatemala: History, Timeline &lifier Occasions Particulars occasions in Guatemala following the American and French Revolutions. Describes how Mexico won its independence from The country.
The 2nd Industrial Revolution: Timeline &lifier Inventions Highlights new improvements developed throughout the 2nd Industrial Revolution. Supplies a timeline showing when each innovation emerged.
Karl Marx &lifier Friedrich Engels: The Communist Manifesto Summarizes the time by which both of these philosophers resided and highlights their political and social values. Describes critical facets of The Communist Manifesto.
Science Throughout the Enlightenment Period: Improvements, Breakthroughs &lifier Major Figures Talks about major advances in science before and throughout the Enlightenment. Introduces developments in physics and astronomy and important figures of the period.
The Enlightenment Thinkers &lifier Their Ideas: Good examples &lifier Quiz Provides background around the Enlightenment and demonstrates the thinkers of the period as well as their philosophies. Analyzes the outcome of the period.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Ideas, Impact &lifier Works
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