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Enlightenment and Revolution in the Atlantic World

What Enlightenment ideas influenced the Atlantic revolutions?

The Reign of Terror ended when

The Atlantic revolutions (like the American and French Revolutions) were affected most through the Enlightenment concept of reason and rationality.

Enlightenment thinkers felt that science and reason should be relevant to case study of every aspect of existence. They believed that nothing ought to be recognized the way it was traditional to do this. They thought that going after reason and natural law would result in progress in human society.

These ideas clearly demonstrated within the ideas from the Atlantic revolutions. These revolutions did such things as attacking the thought of monarchy in support of democracy. This fit nicely with Enlightenment thought because monarchy would be a system which was not rational and it was only stuck to due to tradition. In France They Revolution was strongly anti-clerical. This, too, was in line with Enlightenment thought since giving energy towards the Chapel and local clergy would be a traditional idea without any basis in science and reason.

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