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Perception of the world

Could it be even easy to have this type of factor? What can be needed? What can the implications be? Does this type of definition already exist? Exist people on the planet who fit the meaning? etc

I assert there already is really a scientific meaning of enlightenment, or at best the origins of 1, which there's a little body of research that explores the physiological and mental profiles of people that fit this definition but, until recently, both research and implications of this research happen to be almost totally overlooked through the scientific community.

Disclosure: I practice Transcendental Meditation, and also the definition I’m using seems to simply fit individuals who practice TM or, a minimum of to some degree, have automatically matured towards that definition. Ironically, the physiological fits on most other meditation practices are in least somewhat counter-enlightenment, through the TM definition.

Definition: someone whose central nervous system, throughout normal waking, fantasizing and sleeping, shows sufficiently obvious indications of the physiological signature of “pure consciousness” as present in some TM professionals, will tend to locate a calm, quiet, ever-careful, never-involved watchfulness that continues in their daily existence, whether awake, fantasizing or asleep.
Once this turns into a round-the-clock each day situation, they will tend to consult this background watchfulness his or her “real” self, while all ideas, desires, feelings, reminiscences, awareness, actions, etc., being transitory in comparison, is going to be viewed as not-self. This is actually the beginning stage of “enlightenment.” This case is dependent exclusively around the stability from the central nervous system regarding the way it handles stress and may occur naturally, to some degree or any other, in those who have never even heard about meditation, not to mention practiced it.

Before the enlightened condition manifests (meaning of pure awareness being noted like a constant), as one’s physiological condition approaches the minimal “enlightenment” signature, one’s description of “self” will often change along a continuum that tracks, a minimum of somewhat, how enlightened the first is, physiologically speaking.

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