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Enlightened Masters of the World

Breakthrough!! On the way to Liberation.. by the Enlightened Master

Breakthrough!! In order to Liberation..

You will find lots happening now within our photo voltaic system, all of the Light Forces with all of their industries as GFL over the surface, Resistant Movement at first glance and Agarthians underneath the surface do their finest inside a serious movement to achieve the large goal the Liberation, and also the Resistance Movement approved their persistence, anticipation and observation weren't an effort for that delay, however they were waiting for the best moment β€œto identify the cards β€œ, plus they start doing that NOW reasonably well..!

And of the very most things they have faced the problem to really make it alignment before are β€œ the possible lack of awakening which influence the collective awareness and mass critical point, don't assume responsibility through the decision-makers in the earth and staying away from chaos during the time of the big event..

The Sunshine Forces now are showing courage and valor to deal with for every obstacles, we've arrived at this type of point which necessitate many of us to accept fear from us, to exhibit the most amazing within us of courage and responsibility towards what's happening now in almost any reasonable way..

It's the time for you to be matured enough and obtain in to the race of cultures, and make for you personally a Podium there, and this doesn't requires so much from you, just from inside refuse the fake reality and stated inside you : NO, and request for Liberating yourself, and send that through crown chakra towards the Central Sun, and request the origin to not forgive you, but request him your right of Freedom, and you're now mature enough to hold this flag..

No-one can sit inside your chair should you take a seat on it...

I'm calling all of the beautiful creatures within this land, in most industries, to sit down around the tossed of the hearts and presents, and send the gorgeous energy they have, and rise their flag from the Freedom to aid all of their greater selves there, as well as that you should exist emotionally..

The Recognition Book Open Now, anybody who would like to register his title there, this is actually the appropriate moment...

In the proper time, we'll discuss the present situation in particulars, due to the sensitivity from the situation now..

Ideas say :

Under secret project thirteenth ..

Sirius A, The keeper of sunshine Network - WBLL..

Jupiter and Venus Plan – is - A

TBDM- Resolve this area B

TBP-Active S

EM-Active J-J-A-Z-H

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