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I had been lately dialoguing having a neuroscientist concerning the possible merits of biofeedback versus direct modulation for getting individuals to no self encounters. Listed here are the primary points which i made.

Let us by causing a couple of presumptions to be able to simplify the discussion.

  • Assumption 1. A number of "ego switches" really appear in the mind-knowning that a “switch” might involve several location and can even involve an intricate temporal relationship between locations.
  • Assumption 2. The switch(es) are actually dimmers that may be switched lower but additionally completely switched off.
  • Assumption 3. Our ultimate goal would be to bring a student to the stage where they are able to allow the switch to be or totally power it down when needed whenever in daily existence. When it comes to traditional Theravada, this is equal to being able to view “fruition states” when needed.
  • Assumption 4. A fast, easy procedure that dependably results in balanced, integrated liberation would trigger an exponential propagation of enlightenment inside a couple of decades (and, thus, significantly change the path of history for that better).
  • Assumption 5. Our process would involve three components:
    • A. Conceptual Content. People would learn cultural, philosophical, and scientific perspectives around the no-self experience in addition to ethical and behavior recommendations, possible challenges around integrating no self into daily functioning, etc.
    • B. Formal Focus Techniques. Most likely pretty much like individuals we presently use within mindfulness practice.
    • C. Techno-boosts. Technological intervention that enables us to show from the ego switch(es).

    Finances components A and B. The function from the techno-boost is always to significantly accelerate their impact. Quite simply, I do not begin to see the techno-boost like a alternative for mindfulness practice but instead as a good accelerant as to the we all do already. (Think a 1-year class at any college throughout that your sequence of techno-boosts are implemented and integrated through lecture and discussion).

    If presumptions 1-3 are actually correct, then your question becomes "What kind of techno-boost ought to be used?".

    • If it is some type of biofeedback? (EEG, rtFMRI, as well as other physiological parameter….)
    • If it is direct modulation in the outdoors? (TMS, focused ultrasound, deep brain stimulation….)
    • If it is a mix of methods?

    It's reasonable to visualize that biofeedback could be what you want since it involves a learning process and our ultimate goal would be that the student should gain insight and regulating control. However, I would not completely eliminate the chance that direct modulation might prove more efficient than biofeedback.

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