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Reviews for Enlightened Equipment Enigma

Enlightened Equipment Enigma 50 degree quilt

Enlightened Equipment Enigma 50I've been searching for a specialized fastpacking sleep solution for a few years. I have spoken to Ben (Goosefeet) and Joe (ZPacks) about custom work, but solutions always outlined around the weights from the least heavy bags, and I've got a 1 pound bag already. I simply did not need another sleeping bag or quilt that merely saved us a couple of oz . over things i curently have. One other issue I introduced was the truth that I needed something that may be worn while at camping or doing chores. A part of my ultimate solution was quitting the thought of putting on a sleeping quilt/bag and integrating my clothing included in the system, something I actually do already.I lately camped in temps below 20F having a 35 degree bag by putting on clothing together and it was plenty cozy. I purchased the Enlightened Equipment Enigma 50 degree quilt with this thought. To be able to understand fully the way the quilt matches I ought to explain the clothing which goes by using it, two pieces which are designed for active put on. Besides a alongside skin shirt I've got a Montbell Ultra Light Spend Jacket that weighs in at in at slightly over 5 ozs (size L). Rather than using a delicate and lightweight lower jacket designed for camping, I made the decision to include the Arcteryx Atom LT Hoody it includes an established synthetic insulation along with a design that's designed for activity. I have already examined this jacket in cold uphill increases and moderate terrain, and am quite satisfied.

I have spent numerous nights by helping cover their no bag of any sort, or with substitutes just like a DIY M50 envelope along with a Blizzard lengthy jacket and tube. I'm very updated directly into my insulation needs consequently of some chilly nights together with hot ones where my system was total overkill. I believe it is important for individuals to know their demands through experience before paring lower their package to something as minimal because this quilt and clothing. I needed something very light, minimalist, versatile, and hopefully manufactured in america. The Enlightened Equipment Enigma 50 degree quilt perfectly suit you perfectly. The quilt (the workmanship is impeccable) weighs in at in at under 10 ozs. Understanding that this belongs to a method meant for typical summer time weather within the North American, let us have a close consider the quilt.

Enigma stowage bagI received the quilt almost exactly 3 days after ordering it, right consistent with exactly what the website states. When it comes to custom cottage gear service, this can be a relatively small amount of time. The entire package incorporates a silnylon stuff sack, some straps to secure it to some mat as needed, along with a nice stow bag.

The following series shows the square footbox and baffle height. The listed attic from the 50 degree Enigma is 1 ", however i found it a little more. I purchased this within the DownTek 850 version. I'm confident how this can perform within my regular usage according to consider your experience, however i haven't had knowledge about the brand new hydrophobic lower. The performance of the lower versus regular weights of 800 to 900 must be determined following a season within the area.

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