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Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt review

Enlightened Equipment down quilt

Revelation 30°, Revelation X

These sleeping bag would be a Feathered Buddies Lark: . This can be a through the roof quality bag, so my standards were high. But, I used mine out relatively rapidly, not because of an issue with the bag, but simply because of my very own body. My sweat destroys lower rather rapidly. I understand this because Jess continues to have her Feathered Friend's bag that they got merely a little once i got mine, also it still looks good.

So, I did not wish to spend much money again understanding how fast I'd put on it. I needed something cheap, and versatile, however i still think that my sleepingbag will probably save my existence, and so i wanted so that it is absurdly warm, and that i did not want to stop weight or bulk. I additionally wanted a pony.

Well, it works out that typically you could have your pony. Via backpacking light I caught wind of the new company Enlightened Equipment, making cold temperature lower quilts. From their store I acquired an 850 fill overfilled 5 degree medium taper lower quilt. The dog owner is studying rapidly to ensure that model is no more available, but it is much like that one:


According to my reading through quilts could be drafty, and so i really was concerned about being cold by using it as being a quilt, and that's why I acquired a 5 degree quilt (the lark is ranked to 10F). So, I additionally acquired an MLD bivy . I first got it in silnylon having a mesh facepanel. This provides me a little of the warmth bonus, and works super nice in powdery snow because it keeps the snow from the bag.
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