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Enlightened Equipment Revelation elite

Revelation Elite

Revelation 30°, Revelation X

I lately bought a 30 degree Lengthy / Regular Thought Elite. I'm 6'2 and mainly make use of a hammock.

The look and make excellence of the quilt is amazing. I had been very impressed.

Only have had the ability to make use of the quilt once to date. on the awesome moist evening circa 45 levels.

everything beneath the quilt was warm and cozy...only coldness I felt was with my mat mispositioning itself, but this isn't responsible about this fantastic quilt.

Basically needed to order again, the only real factor I'd do in a different way would be to order the wide or extra wide, literally only 3 oz . heavier, as I love to possess the quilt wrapped around me, and i believe it might produce more comfort.

Excellent buy!

To date I have loved this quilts feather weight and luxury. I have tried on the extender three occasions in 50 40 and 28 degree temps. Labored great. I am growing older therefore the lightweight continues to be liberating. Perfect construction also causes it to be a thing of beauty.

I am very impresses with my new Thought Elite quilt. I have only had an opportunity to give it a try in your own home to date, not out camping yet, however i can already tell it packs lower more compact than my old 'mummy' style bag and it is lighter.

It provides convenient sleeping options while retaining all of the warmth I'll need.

I really like it.

The very first factor I observed after i received the package could be that the package felt empty. After opening it and getting rid of the quilt, I had been astonished at just how light it had been. Mind dazzling. I am accustomed to using synthetic bags. I do not think I'll ever consider a different one again!

If only I'd the bag on my small 1100 mile bike trip around the GDMBT. I'd my synthetic bag in those days which bag wouldn't have only saved a lot of weight, but additionally space. This bag includes a much cooler rating than my old bag, weights next to nothing, and compacts lower to half my old bag's size. Can't wait for doing things on my small next ride in 2015.

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