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Enlightened Equipment Prodigy Review

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Latest Version from the Prodigy versus. The Older Version

The Prodigy continues to be remodeled! Available these days at retail for $170, this lightweight synthetic insulation could be bought in 20, 30, 40, and 50 degree versions, too as with short, regular, and lengthy and slim, regular, or wide. To help personalize you buy the car, you may choose the interior and outdoors fabric options and you can also buy optional weather-resistant stripes (+.75oz on 10D spend) for an additional $20.

Here is a side-by-side comparison that may help you note any variations we've approached Enlightened Equipment to verify any extra changes because we last examined this bag. The latest version are available around the left and also the older version is pictured around the right.


The Prodigy may be the only synthetic quilt we have examined. It uses exactly the same fundamental design because the company's Thought lower quilt, except it's high quality synthetic insulation that keeps the cold out when wet.


The 15 degree form of the Prodigy is roughly as warm because the 20-degree traditional style synthetic bags we have examined in dry conditions the bag is cozy in to the thirties.

The Prodigy is restricted to some extent by its insufficient hood. Hooded bags are warmer and, regrettably, quilts do not have hoods. We have no idea of anybody which makes another synthetic insulated hood. Thus, the synthetic quilt isn't well suited for the very coldest wet conditions or hanging out inside a tent for several days at any given time. This author, that has spent over three several weeks completely soaked in Patagonia in synthetic bags, favors a hooded synthetic bag for longer alpinism outings in wet conditions where you may be tent bound for a number of days. For backpacking the Prodigy is much more than than sufficiently warm. The synthetic quilt is the greatest tool for lightweight outings where reliability is vital to success, enjoyment, or safety.

Enlightened Equipment Prodigy bottom.

Credit: Enlightened Equipment

Weight and Packed Size

Synthetic insulation nominally compressible in comparison to lower, however the Prodigy provides the cheapest weight and finest compressibility associated with a synthetic bag we have examined.


Quilts would be the most versatile kind of sleeping bag. An artificial quilt offers several positive aspects for wet weather travel: they may be covered around the body and could be opened up up flat, which enables these to dry faster. This latter point is especially helpful on lengthy outings. Unzip the Prodigy and hang up up under the sun or even the wind also it dries remarkably fast.


The Prodigy is really as comfortable because the company's Thought quilt without the super soft and comfy advantages of lower insulation.

Other Versions

Select from three temperature rankings, three dimensions, three sizes, and three materials! This can be a tremendous edge on synthetic bags from major firms that have fixed girths and therefore are only accessible in 2 cuts. In lots of ways, the power for the greatest fit for you type and intended clothing system offsets the Prodigy's missing hood.
The Enlightened Equipment Thought was granted because the Best To Buy for Ultralight Sleeping-bags.

Credit: Outside Gear Lab


The Prodigy is a great value for weight and conscious wet weather outdoorsmen. The Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 15 are available for approximately $50 less, however it weighs in at 12 oz . more.
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