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Enlightened Equipment Prodigy quilt

Prodigy Junior Ultralight Down Quilt by Enlightened Equipment

Gear for a 3 Day Backpacking

The Prodigy Junior. is a superb all-purpose youth quilt for individuals on a tight budget. Importantly, it utilizes exactly the same great CLIMASHIELD™ APEX insulation utilized in our adult synthetic quilts, which will keep the quilt light while offering unrivaled performance when uncovered to moisture. The partly zippered footbox could be cinched up tight in cold temperature or opened up flat just like a blanket to vent excess warmth in warmer weather. The incorporated hybrid elastic straps also keep it simplistic to secure the quilt either directly underneath the sleeper in order to the mat for decent, draft-free performance.

Here's the salt water evaporates:Place a first deposit in your quilt while using "Increase Trolley" button above. Once you take a look at, our quilt specialists will contact you to definitely evaluate the options open to you and make certain you obtain the best quilt for the unique needs. In those days, we'll ask you for the rest of the balance due in your quilt. Cost varies from $145 to $180 depending the choices you choose. ***Each Enlightened Equipment Method is customized, please allow 6-7 for shipment***


Weight 11.62 - 28.18 Oz . (Determined by size and insulation choice)

Cost vary from $145 - $180 (Determined by size and insulation choice)

Sized for kides

Synthetic Climashield Apex Insulation

Partly-Zippered Footbox


Our Junior type of quilts are suggested for teenagers as much as 5' tall and can fit user up to and including more 5'2" tall. The Standard width (50" Top half tapering to 38" feet) will fit most children with room to spare but when your youthful adventurer is larger than average or really tosses and turns within the evening the Wide (54" Top half tapering to 40" feet) might be a better option.


Our Junior type of quilts provide the same lightweight fabric options as our adult quilts, offering Phantom 10D nylon material standard, that is very lightweight while offering excellent breathability to help keep moisture evaporating up and from the quilt. If extra sturdiness, resistance to the wind, and water proofing are essential, you might upgrade the outdoors fabric to some harder Phantom 20D nylon material.


Our Prodigy Junior quilt comes packed with Climashield Apex insulation. When the demands of the trek require synthetic insulation, this is actually the best you will get. Obtainable in temperature rankings from 50° to 20°F, these quilts could keep the cold out regardless of conditions.

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