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Enlightened Equipment Prodigy 20F

Sleeping Booty

Gear for a 3 Day Backpacking

They are light, comfortable and have the desired effect. I sleep warm aside from my ft, which balance it well. In certain conditions, too warm, however i did choose the 4oz level. I would advise the cheapest degree of insulation for many situations, however i haven't taken these out again in sub-freezing temps.

I have been looking for any quality, warm, lightweight booty for a while now. I own a set of synthetic shoes with a certain Canadian company (rhymes with "maffin") and even though they're warm, the seams began to fray after very few uses, and they're not US made.
I had been switched on to EE by my climbing/backpacking partner and it was immediately excited &lifier impressed. I purchased the most warm/biggest size shoes ( I am an 11.5-12) and received them on time. They're lighter than expected!
I made use of them earlier this weekend with an overnight. The temps ranged 8F-10F, and within the tent was 12F-15F. I made use of a -20f degree lower bag. My toes were cold after i place the shoes on, however i then build up under an hour or so later with ft very warm. My ft will be the first part that feels cold in individuals couple of hrs right before beginning but never felt this whatsoever!. It had been my coziest evening I have spent out. I am excited to make use of these for many years.

Because of previous frostbite, by ft are actually responsive to the cold. I personally use an EE quilt, basics layer and my Sleeping Shoes I bought from EE. My ft stay warm and since they are able to breathe, they stay comfortable through the night. Its worth the small weight within my pack.

I did previously carry a classic set of loose made of woll socks simply to put on sleeping. Well, forget about! I acquired the mid-level insulation and fundamental essentials explosive device. Keep the nails trimmed and do not walk inside them and you may look foward to warm ft during the night. Lighter and warmer than my socks too...

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