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EnLIGHTened Equipment Epiphany-K quilt

Made in Winona: Enlightened Equipment specializes in lightweight gear


They’re sleeping quilts, and also at Enlightened Equipment, they’re made ultralight and custom-fit, so backwoods outdoorsmen don’t have a single ounce they won’t use.

“It’s drastically lighter, because we make use of the greatest-quality materials and also the greatest fill-energy lower, ” company owner Tim Marshall stated.

Marshall, an enthusiastic backwoods canoeist and backpacker, was always searching for methods to make his pack lighter. According to a concept from another backpacker, he earned a sleeping quilt for his personal use — and a lot of extra supplies so he might take his youth group hiking.

As he offered all individuals extra supplies in fifteen minutes, Enlightened Equipment was created, and Marshall started sewing furiously in the basement, having a couple of buddies as business increased.

5 years later, Marshall utilizes 20 individuals his east-finish sewing facility, that they moved into in The month of january. They turn out about 300 sleeping quilts monthly.

Each quilt is built to-order, with specifications for height, width, warmth, and fabric color.

The material is cut to size, marked with pencil, and put into a bag for sewing. Baffles are stitched the size of the quilt to help keep the lower in position, and so the back from the quilt is attached. Once that’s done, the feet from the quilt remains available to be stuffed. A leaf blower mounted on a plastic hose increases the suction for filling the quilt with lower — a contraption Marshall designed themself.

It takes approximately five hrs to create a quilt, labor time, but sturdy three days from start-to-finish of the order.

Marshall stated he’s hit every sales goal he'd and more. He lately began making lower shoes and hoods for cold conditions, and that he has plans to get a clothing line and backpack line, concentrating for making ultralight backwoods packs sized for children.

Marshall ships his quilts all over the world. He stated besides hardcore backpacking types, Enlightened Equipment quilts attract regular people that enjoy over sleeping something which doesn’t look like a body bag.

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