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Enlightened Equipment epiphany apex

Sleeping Booty by Enlightened Equipment


Should you prefer a little extra warmth for the ft when camping, the Sleeping Shoes from Enlightened Equipment perhaps you have covered. Lightweight Climashield Apex insulation offers great insulation without losing attic to moisture and oils out of your body. Offered in 3 temperature rankings, you may choose the insulation that best meets unwanted weight and heat needs. Fundamental essentials least heavy Shoes you'll find. They aren't a sturdy choice for camping shoes, they're not going to survive a night time walk towards the nearest tree, they are created to keep the ft warm inside your shelter hidden to your sleeping bag or quilt, and for your job other product equal.

Here's the salt water evaporates: Place a deposit in your shoes while using "Increase Trolley" button above. Once you take a look at, our booty specialists will contact you to definitely evaluate the options open to you and make certain you obtain the best shoes for the unique needs. In those days, we'll ask you for the rest of the balance due in your shoes. Cost varies from $50 to $60 depending the choices you choose. ***Each Enlightened Equipment Method is customized, please allow 6-7 days for shipment***


Weight 1.50 Oz .

Cost vary from $50 - $60 (Determined by insulation choice)


30°-45° - 1.15oz-1.75oz- (2.1oz/sqyd Climashield Apex)

15°-30° - (4oz/sqyd Climashield Apex)

0°-15° - (6oz/sqyd Climashield Apex)


Phantom 10d - ultralight Phantom 10D nylon material is the best option for the smoothest feel, least heavy weight, and ideal breathability.Phantom 20d - This ripstop nylon material is easily the most durable fabric that people offer. It features a DWR treatment put on the face area which will resist water Keeping the ft drier.

Climasheild Apex

CLIMASHIELD insulation is way better than lower for products that'll be uncovered to high levels of sweat and the body oils. Lower will collect this oil and want frequent complicated laundering to operate properly where synthetics are simple to clean plus much more resistant against body oils which makes them a significantly wiser option for insulated socks, balaclavas and mittens. Our physiques produce a lot more oil than we know about which areas begin to see the most, choose gear that's made to utilize the body, not against it.

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