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Enlightened Equipment Enigma quilt review

Enlightened Equipment Enigma 10° Sleeping Bag

Guest review by Dylan Spencer

When looking at gear I love to try to highlight outside companies of dimensions and skills. My personal favorite types are cottage companies, began by an average person who's obsessive about enhancing gear. Another huge plus is gear made in the united states. Enlightened Equipment originates from humble origins, and every one of their gear is built to order in Minnesota. The interest to detail is amazing making certain the merchandise can last for a lot of nights within the back country.

Until lately I'd never rested within quilt whilst in the outdoors. After doing this, I'm able to say with full confidence which i will most likely never sleep inside a sleeping bag again. The absurd warmth and hardly noticeable weight from the Enlightened Equipment Enigma 10° has converted me right into a quilt user. After testing the Enigma I discovered myself dumbfounded why it required me such a long time to test a quilt. I suppose I had been initially scared of shivering with the evening. Getting the shivers or perhaps mild chill bumps never happened when using the Enigma. That statement is proven lower to 20° with putting on only a made of woll first layer and beanie. You can stay warm in even cooler temps should you rested inside a lower jacket and a few warm pants.

enlightened-equipment-enigma-pictureThe idea of a quilt would be to reduce overall weight by getting rid of excess material and insulation. The insulation removed can be achieved without compromising warmth, because in sleeping-bags the back and legs will compress the lower. Compressed lower is useless in circulating the body warmth, so that it becomes excess fat. Concerned about drafts? Never be. The Enigma is like a blanket you'll be able to strap the edges together within mat creating that cozy hidden in feeling. The under strap system may also keep your quilt motionless from you throughout the evening. Also, a 20” lengthy feet box is stitched to maintain your little piggies hidden in and warm through the entire evening. Enlightened Equipment states this bag will work for early winter use. Maybe in Minnesota, but within the Appalachians this bag is ideal for full winter use.

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