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Enlightened Equipment Enigma quilt

Enigma Junior

Enlightened Equipment Enigma
  • Sized for children
  • 800fp Lower Quilt
  • Stitched-shut footbox

The Enigma Junior features exactly the same great 800fp lower and comfy stitched-shut footbox because the standard Enigma, while being sized properly to produce a competent and warm sleep system for the youthful outdoorsmen. The hybrid elastic pad straps which are incorporated will keep the quilt draft free and guaranteed towards the pad for sleepers who turn and toss. This is a great lightweight quilt for youthful campers and small grown ups.


Our Junior type of quilts are suggested for teenagers as much as 5' tall and can fit user up to no more than 5'2" tall. The Standard width (50" Top half tapering to 38" feet) will fit most children with room to spare but when your youthful adventurer is larger than average or really tosses and turns within the evening the Wide (54" Top half tapering to 40" feet girth) might be a better option.


Our Junior type of quilts provide the same lightweight fabric options as our adult quilts, offering Phantom 10D nylon material standard, that is very lightweight while offering excellent breathability to help keep moisture evaporating up and from the quilt. If extra sturdiness, resistance to the wind, and water proofing are essential, you might upgrade the outdoors fabric to some harder Phantom 20D nylon material.


Enlightened Devices are happy to provide a number of lower types and fill energy to best suit your needs. The Enigma Junior comes full of 800fp GDD, that provides a lot of warmth with low weight and price. Optionally you might choose to upgrade to HyperDry water-resistant lower for much better moisture and humidity resistance.

Shiftless Baffles

Our proprietary shiftless baffle product is a manuscript thought process about lower control. The lower is found in vertical baffles running the duration of your body, but horizontal baffles over the footbox. This prevents the lower most controlled using the least change in the ft, and effectively and evenly distributes warmth along the duration of your body, while still offering some slight control to have the ability to concentrate a lot of lower lower or greater according to your choice.

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