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Enlightened Equipment 35 f Prodigy quilt

Revelation X from Enlightened Equipment

my hammock sleep system with sleeping pad and top quilt

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  • Cost (MSRP): $165-$230
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  • Best Use: Backpacking
  • Testing Location: Arizona
  • Testing Atmosphere: 35-45 degree nights

I've been out doing much more hammock camping a year ago. I’ve camped inside a hammock on the couple of outings before year, but never having a real concentrate on doing the work right. I'd handled to obtain my overnight pack weight lower pretty low and workable inside a fairly small pack. The only issue was my sleeping bag. I had been still utilizing an old Andora mummy bag I acquired after i was most likely 18. In those days, it had been a top quality bag using the latest synthetic fill and compactability. When you are nearly two decades old it had been still heavy, and never as compactable when i wanted so that it is. As well as the truth that I used to be storing everything individuals years within the compaction bag (Now i know that's a large no-no).

And So I wanted something more compact, lighter, simpler to bring along which works with my hammock setup. I began searching at a few of the new sleep systems out which had no lower fill around the bottom from the bag. The concept because the here bodies are not insulation anything when it’s crushed why carry the additional weight. Enable your mat perform the insulation at the base, you just need the very best. Sounds good, right?

I Then discovered Derek Hanson’s book, The Best Hang, and browse about using top-quilts and bottom-quilts when hammock camping. This spurred me to check out the different companies making lower top-quilts. It works out that it is mostly small cottage-industry shops making this stuff. They are created to order, typically, and custom made towards the individual. They offer lots of downy comfort to help keep the cold out and cozy whilst not being as bulky, heavy or costly as full sleeping-bags.

I chosen a business known as Enlightened Equipment in my top-quilt and located these were supplying a form of their Thought top-quilt created using cosmetic seconds of the 30D ripstop nylon material known as the Thought X. The fabric is nothing cheaper because somewhere within the roll of material a defect of some type is discovered and also the factory will scrap the entire roll. The majority of the roll is not wrong by using it which can be used within the “X” series items. I made the decision allow it s shot and purchased the quilt to my specifications.

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