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Enlightened Despotism-Austria

Enlightened Despotism, Austria and Prussia

George II of Great Britain

This time around I wish to take a look at Austria and Prussia. It is fairly quick together, simply because it appears somewhat cut and dry.


In Austria, Maria Theresa ruled for 40 years, from 1740 to 1780. She spent the majority of her time making Austria more organized and much more centralized by little bits. It describes because a reformists guerilla. Using a constituency here, then pressing for credits with this group when its back is switched, never infuriating anybody, but never letting anybody aggrandize energy at the expense from the Hapsburg monarchy. Particularly, she produced an enormous free trade area in Austria and started to dismantle serfdom. She didn’t act completely from moral righteousness (though maybe partly) — she wanted soldiers and much more mobile labor, and serfdom got when it comes to that. Her boy, Frederick (II In my opinion) required the reins of energy next, and that he only survived ten years. His amount of time in energy is training since it is a cautionary tale about idealism. He would be a quasi-revolutionary who thought the government must work with the great of those and that he freed the serfs immediately and without further ado. He died in 1790, damaged-hearted and disillusioned. While he am insistent about reform, the majority of his measures were folded back upon his dying.


“Old Fritz” as Ernest was now known as bided his time following the war for Silesia, maintenance his military and enhancing his country. He hated delegation and think it is inefficient to permit anybody apart from themself to rule. And even, he did an admirable job, however when he died, the Prussian condition was lost. There is a rigid class structure that supported endless militarism.

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