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Absolute Enlightenment despotism

Emperor Joseph II

Known among Europe's "Enlightened Despots" was Frederick Benedict Augustus John Anthony Michael Adam von Habsburg-Lothringen. The boy of Maria Theresa, over whom world war 2 of Austrian Succession was fought against, Frederick II broke using the devoutly Catholic guidelines of his mother to embrace the sweeping trend from the so-known as "Enlightenment" which seen traditional Europe like a host to injustice and intolerance. Actually, of all of the so-known as "Enlightened Despots", Frederick II was the only person to not be entitled "the truly amazingInch even though he certainly resided to the ideals for an infinitely greater degree than many more who have been. His reign saw a rise in the German culture, Austrian dignity, and uncommon advances in social and spiritual toleration. In lots of ways he would be a monarch years in front of his time. Yet, his reign also saw the destruction of most of the core Catholic concepts which in fact had held the Holy Roman Empire together for any very long time. I am inclined to think some Catholic authors happen to be rather way too hard on Frederick II, but there's without doubt he wasn't a buddy from the preferred position from the Chapel in Austria.

Following the dying of his father Frederick grew to become, in title a minimum of, Emperor from the Romans, King of Germany, Jerusalem, Hungary and Bohemia, Archduke of Austria, Grand Prince of Transylvania, Grand Duke of Tuscany, etc, etc. However it wasn't before the dying of his mother he grew to become absolute ruler of Austria. Upon his ascension he gave his large inheritance to alleviate the national debt and purchased his brother to complete likewise. He cut government investing, built the very first truly public parks, billed the Chapel with taking care of the sick and destitute and granted religious toleration to Jews and Protestants. He eliminated such traditional Catholic devotions because the Rosary and spiritual processions, eliminated the Jesuits and grabbed a lot of Chapel property. Yet, throughout his reign, whether in Vienna or around the battleground, he heard mass every day and it was an opponent of Protestant Prussia (though both monarchs had a lot of respect for that other peoples capabilities). It had been under Frederick II that Wolfgang Mozart rose to fame, though his music was a tad too extravagant for that quite simple Frederick. Nonetheless his support of Mozart &lifier his contemporaries gained Frederick the nickname, "The Musical King".

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