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Enlightened Despot AP Euro

HST550: AP European History

AP European History

Students learn how to write a thematic essay. They study occasions and individuals within the late medieval period together with contemporary European physical and political geography. The system turns to Belgium like a example for that influence of geography on historic developments.

Unit 2: The Renaissance and age Exploration

Students explore a few of the brilliant artists and intellectuals ever who resided throughout the Renaissance, a time by which secular attitudes affected an upswing of individualism and humanism. Even though the Renaissance started in Florence, Italia, within the late 1200s, the movement eventually spread with other Italian city-states and northern Europe. New monarchs in The country, France, and England consolidated their states and embodied political advice designed in The Prince, Machiavelli's seminal focus on political theory and leadership. Students study age Exploration and also the overseas expansion that introduced Men and women in touch with the " New World " and extended their cultural, economic, and political exchange with Africa and Asia.

  • Roots from the Italian Renaissance
  • Renaissance Political Intrigues
  • Intellectual Key points from the Renaissance
  • The Levels of Genius: Renaissance Artistic Improvements
  • The Evolution of Renaissance Art
  • Humanism, Gender, and Race Relations
  • God, Gold, and Glory in age Exploration
  • Exploration and also the Columbian Exchange
  • An Upswing of European Empires

Unit 3: The Reformation

Students explore the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. They study important reformers for example Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Knox, and John Calvin. Students check out the religious turmoil that encircled the reign of King Henry VIII of England and also the impact of his break using the Roman Catholic Chapel. The system then turns to Charles V and the empire. Students evaluate the motifs and artists connected using the Baroque movement.

  • The Reformation Starts
  • An Upswing of Lutheranism
  • Fragmentation from the Belief
  • The Tudors and also the Chapel of England
  • Countering the Reformation
  • Mock Trial: Martin Luther
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