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Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature Clarinet

Theo Wanne — Enlightened Ligature

KALI Tenor HRTheo’s new ligature is really revolutionary. It's only three points of connection with the mouthpiece permitting for incredible resonance. Additionally, it utilizes the very best pressure plate system on the planet. Building on his incredible understanding of both vintage and new ligature designs Theo has produced the brand new reference ligature for saxophone and clarinet mouth pieces. You'll seem like your mouthpiece has enhanced in each and every way.

  • Huge vibrational characteristics enhance bigger, larger and much more alive seem!
  • ONLY 3 points of connection with mouthpiece.
  • Includes both alive gold and high copper pressure plates.
  • Its beauty is capped only by its performance!

Comes standard with all of our Hard Rubber mouth pieces.

“I am truly amazed how good this ligature works! My volume and control be workable and my tone a lot more in-line using what I've been attempting to achieve for a significant time.” - John Mitchell Brody

"Like a professional clarinet player I have to admit this is actually the best ligature I've ever performed. Everybody I understand is switching into it.Inch

"The freest playing ligature I've ever attempted...and that i seem like I've attempted all of them! I really like it!"

"The enlightened ligature is the greatest ligature made. That's why I wish to carry them in most our stores!"

"The main difference the enlightened ligature makes is actually shocking! It's like tugging a sock from the bell of my horn."

“The Enlightened Ligature includes a extremely swift response, even if outfitted having a heavy reed plate. I seem like I'm able to express myself naturally. It's an array of dynamics and it is articulation clearly responds. The look really is easy and awesome searching. The design of the reed-plate structure is wonderful. The Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature had the very best rating and it was my personal favorite to experience.Inch

Full Article (pdf)

"The Enlightened Ligature is terrific! It will help control the seem, but nonetheless enables the mouthpiece to vibrate without choking them back.Inch -Ron Kessel writer for SBO, MMR, JAZZed, Choral Director

'The Sax' Magazine ranked the Enlightened Ligature #1 on the planet when testing all available ligatures on the market.

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