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Enlightened Runescape Clan

Enlightenment aura

Citadel Quartermaster

EnlightenmentIs really a legendary aura that reinforces all base experience acquired as the aura is active by 100%. The aura, together with the very amulet, was handed to gamers with 12 consecutive several weeks of membership by 28 May 2014 and 26 May 2015 (when the player doesn't have it before), Gold Premier club people, and anybody signing up while using Summer time Special membership promotion. Gamers who received the aura while drenched in had a message within their chatbox saying it absolutely was delivered to their bank.

Bonus XP sits dormant once the aura is active, and also the aura won't affect special experience gains for example individuals from experience lamps and God Statues. Experience improving sets and also the clan avatar bonus still apply, however their effect isn't bending through the aura. Bonus experience supplied by the Voice of Seren doesn't work for enlightenment. Observe that the aura will stack with bonus prayer experience from player possessed altars. It doesn't use the Ectofuntus. You can use it within the skill plots of Clan Citadels, and can not work along with brawling mitts. It cannot be utilized outdoors of June, This summer and August.

The aura's effect can last for one hour, also it can simply be used once per week, resetting at 00:00 UTC on Wednesdays - no matter logging out. Logging out as the effect is active won't stop its counter. The aura are only able to be triggered throughout the northern summer time several weeks - June, This summer and August. Vis wax won't totally reset or extend this aura.

It can go into Daemonheim, however the reward tokens won't be bending, just the experience. If lost, you are able to reclaim this Aura free of charge from Xuan, north-west of Varrock Square or perhaps in Burthorpe.

The popup advertising the aura in 2015

  • The Enlightenment Aura looks nearly like the Knowledge Aura, except for a blue ring round the icon in the heart of the aura. This could claim that the Enlightenment Aura is really a Tier 5 aura as just the Tier 5 "Legendary" auras have this selection.
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