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Castle clash Enlighten

Posted on April 17, 2015 – 04:56 pm


Crests are the most crucial products employed for inscribing heroes. It's 17 types which matches 17 talents that heroes used (Enlighten isn't like crest). Each crest talent includes 4 levels.

Crests could be combined considering that it ought to be in the same types (ie. 4 level III Decelerate crests could be combined). It may be achieved like a rewards from each chest opened up, monster fight or acquired from the Fight Altar.


Heroes should be at Level 21 Inscription before crests could be designated. Which means they ought to be a minimum of a 5-star hero. Crests of the certain level could be designated in line with the following table:

Inscription Level 21 41 51 61 71
Maximum Crest Level Inlay

Mixing Crests

Four crests of the identical type and same level might be combined to create one crest of the identical type that is one level greater. Mixing crests necessitates the payment of red-colored deposits, based on the following table:

  • Crests inscription level - may be the equivalent levels for that talent with 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 and 5/5 because it levels on Mixing the crests just like going for a talent level with fix value.

Crest Recommendations

Don't inlay crests of the identical type because the hero's native talent since the lesser talent degree of native talent or crests is going to be simply overlooked.

Be cautious with mixing crests because this can't be corrected, limits the resulting upgraded crests to make use of on greater level heroes only, and reduces the amount of crests readily available for other heroes. The price in red-colored deposits could also be put on improving blue very production, in case your heroes aren't all at the very top possible inscription level.

Search for combinations between native talents and crest talents for example adding Tenacity crests to improve the amount of Hewlett packard acquired with every Existence Drain attack, or Decelerate crests to improve a Druid's healing energy.

Consider inlaying rare, but less helpful or mismatched crests, onto Garrison heroes. Crests don't have any effect on Garrison, however this can help to save slots within the warehouse.

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