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Enlightenment Lesson Plans American Revolution

The French

At Enlightenment Thinking

In France They Revolution’s Affair with American Documents
Scarlett Weibull

AHTC Summer time Institute 2008


This lesson seeks to inspire students to look for the numerous transatlantic connections between your Promise of Independence, Virginia’s Strategies for an invoice of Privileges, Maryland’s condition metabolic rate, the balance of Privileges, and also the Promise of the Privileges of Guy and also the Citizen. Although you will find variations in particular reasons of the several documents, it's obvious the French looked towards the upstart People in america for any guide, for a moment, to writing an announcement of guaranteed privileges.

Essential Question:

How much may be the French Promise of the Privileges of Guy and also the Citizen attached to the American documents of freedom and liberty?


Within my Enlightenment and French Revolution unit, students write an innovative piece utilizing a R.A.F.T. assignment (Role, Audience, Format, Subject). While a R.A.F.T. assignment isn't simple for this short lesson, the main documents examined here will ready them for your concluding task.

After using document analysis worksheets to judge the documents, students will write a 1-page essay that solutions the fundamental question of the lesson and includes the Promise of the Privileges of Guy and also the Citizen and a minimum of two American documents.


Throughout the 1700s, French cultural and economic success arrived at its pinnacle but eventually flattened. Wealth distribution in France was grounded in inequality along with a rigid caste system with corruption firmly at the very top. Irritated tensions between your classes eventually turned into occasions like the Tennis Court Oath and also the storming from the Bastille. As the French Revolution began off nobly enough using the Enlightenment notions of "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, " it changed right into a bloodthirsty reign of terror that destroyed everything even remotely associated with that old order.

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