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Enlightenment ideas leading to American Revolution

How did ideas of the Enlightenment lead to the independence and founding of the United...


The minds from the Enlightenment assisted result in the American Revolution and American independence simply because they created the philosophical grounds for America’s declare that it ought to convey more autonomy.

One of the leading ideas from the Enlightenment was that ideas shouldn't be given credence since they were traditional. People shouldn't continue thinking something simply because which was how things had been. Another major concept of the Enlightenment was that government authorities should exist through the consent of those which individuals governments’ goal ought to be to safeguard the privileges of those.

These two ideas assisted produce American independence. The Enlightenment urged People in america to reject the standard ideas of monarchy. Additionally, it urged these to demand the opportunity to accept to being ruled by their government. Finally, it gave them the concept that they'd the authority to overthrow their government if it wasn't acting to safeguard their privileges.

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