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Enlightenment ideas influenced the American Revolution

The American Revolution

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Describe the occasions that brought towards the American Revolution and also the influence of Enlightenment tips on American government.

Through the 1700s, new ideas of identity were growing within the colonists minds. Britain's victory in the French and Indian war elevated the strain between Britain and also the colonists, because the British expected the colonists to repay their financial obligations in the war. Also, the pass from the Stamp Act angered the colonists given that they did not not have confidence in this taxation without one getting any representation within the parliament. Through the years, the bitterness between your colonies and Britain elevated, which brought to conflicts like the Boston Tea Party. At some point, reps from 12 from the colonies made the decision to collect and protest from the treatment these were given. Because the king made the decision to disregard their complaints they provided their next move by attacking the village of Lexington, in Massachusetts.

Colonial leaders based their Independence tips on similar ideas from the Enlightenment. For instance, they thought their people should have a similar privileges as individuals in great britan, and also, since their king declined to do this, they become a huge hit he had damaged the social contract. In 1776, the Promise of Independence was compiled by Thomas Jefferson. Right after, the colonists and britain broke into war, the Colonists resulting victorious and making the Usa. Enlightenment ideas influences in many part the united states metabolic rate, because so many ideas from philoshophers for example Voltaire, Rousseau, Locke and Montesquieu were lent and modified towards the new existence in the usa. Afterwards, the balance of Privileges was released that also contained many ideas from the Enlightenment period, like the equality of individuals and freedom of kind: religious, press and speech.

American Revolution

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