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Enlightenment and the American Revolution Lesson Plans

The American Revolution and the Enlightenment

American Revolution Important

This activity belongs to a bigger unit around the Enlightenment’s affect on the American Revolution. Through this activity, students will explore a few of the revolutionary documents and think about the minds of “authority” and “power” in the perspectives of individuals that had this type of great stake in America’s revolutionary struggle.

Ohio Academic Content Standards, Grade 9, History #1, Government #1

The sources are from American Archives, Series 5, Volume 2 at

“Letter from Jesse Root to Governour Trumbull: The Committee desires further forces, for that punishment and suppression of Tortes”.
American Archives Series 5, Volume 2, Page 1267

“Letter from Richard Peters to Maryland Council of Safety: Were it within the energy of Congress to provide muskets they'd quickly reduce the amount of rifles.”
American Archives Series 5, Volume 2, Page 1247

“Extract of the letter from John Jay to Gouverneur Morris: Plan of defence he'd have went after had he been vested with absolute energy.”
American Archives Series 5, Volume 2, Page 0921

“Letter from General Washington to General Schuyler: Cannot send a way to obtain nails, doesn't have energy to provide directions according to building barracks in Schenectady.”
American Archives Series 5, Volume 2, Page 0567

“Letter from Arthur Lee to C. W. F. Dumas: The King is made the decision in defending the American war, he alone is Minister, and the will govern with absolute sway, the forces provided to The almighty Howe, are rather to become credited to the skill of Government rather than any sort of intention.”
American Archives Series 5, Volume 3, Page 0692

“A Citizen from the Set up of Pennsylvania: Indicates the appointment of the Dictator for 3 or six several weeks, with full forces to exert the effectiveness of the Condition by any means he should think proper from the enemy.”

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