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Enlightenment and American Revolution test

american revolution: an enlightenment experiment

1. The Political Philosophy from the Enlightenment: The Wonderful
Revolution, John Locke, and also the theory of balanced government

2. Rational Claims for Self-Rule: The Promise of Independence

3. The Machinery of yankee Democracy: A rational system of constraints

The abortive Articles of Confederation

The U.S. Metabolic rate: An account balance no more between estates, but between types and causes of energy

Vertical: Federal, condition, county, and municipal
Horizontal: Executive, legislative, and judicial

Bill of Privileges: Balance between government and individual

Freedom “from” and also the freedom “to”

4. Classical Fundamentals of Republican Virtue
“L’enfant’s District of Columbia
Revolutionary heroes as Roman senators

5. Republicanism to Liberalism: Tocqueville in Jacksonian America
Character and capitalism within the new American West

6. Testing the boundaries of Independence: World War 2 for that Union and the phrase American Democracy.

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