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Enlightenment and American Revolution PPT

How did Enlightenment ideas influence the American Revolution and Constitution

Lesson 4: Reconstruction

1.List and evaluate the main difference between your new scientific sights around the globe and traditional medieval sights. How did standards for determining the “truth” differ between both of these perspectives?

2.How did Enlightenment ideas influence the American Revolution and Metabolic rate? How did the American attempt vary from earlier European tries to incorporate Enlightenment ideals into political rule?

3.What were the main reasons for in france they Revolution? Were temporary or long-term factors higher for creating the revolution?

4.What is your opinion were the 3 most significant inventions from the industrial age? How did they alter the development process?

5.How did the minds and actions of liberals, nationalists, and socialists challenge conservatives between 1815 and 1850?

1. The brand new scientific view is different from the planet traditional medieval sights about them matter. Sherman and Salisbury (16) highlights that scientific view is specific around the character from the world for the reason that the second has fundamental and universal knowledge of the world and also the man’s regards to it. Belmont (12) highlights that, new scientific sights are empirical in character whereby there's no learning from mistakes however the traditional medieval sights is non empirical in character for the reason that, learning from mistakes is relevant Bailyn (108) .But are both worried about the details but differ about them matter and standard from the evidence in determining the reality. (History

2. There have been various number of social, political and intellectual changes that affected the American Revolution and also the metabolic rate McKay John and Bennett (78). It had been these political, social an intellectual concept that brought towards the rejection from the oligarch and recommended to add mass to the republican that took it's origin from good governance thus resulting in development of democratically chosen representative government Hobsbawn (99). Based on Wood and Gordon (45) it is different from the ecu attempt for the reason that, in American attempt there is the ratification of their metabolic rate in 1791. Sherman and Salisbury (198) highlights that, many natural privileges provided by the American condition justified the revolution.

3. Denis and Salisbury (323) group what causes French revolution into intellectual, political and social factors.

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