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Enlightenment American Revolution DBQ

04. Causes of the American Revolution

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I. Revolution Questions
a. Necessary – Transitional phase/Time Had Come or America might have continued to be obedient had England not provided mistakes
b. A real revolution or basically change in energy in one wealthy group to a different
c. Capitalist motivation to help keep profit America rather than taxes going overseas

II. Decades before 1754 – proud to become Englishmen
a. Colonists annoyed at Navigation Functions, Britons annoyed with chaotic legislatures
b. Grown apart - could govern selves much better than overseas

III. Causes
a. Sprit of self-reliance – decades of colonial legislatures, economicly indep.
b. Religious annoyance – haven’t forgotten being started out
c. England attempting to improve trade/industry at America’s expense
d. Colonists should purchase expense –no “taxation without representation”
e. Enlightenment – well-read Jefferson, Adams
f. Mercantilism clashes with capitalism – trade w/ everybody

IV. Irritants
a. America forced to take British crooks
b. Northern colonies that wished to stop slave trade couldn't
c. Royal governors looked lower noses at colonists

V. British Debt – People in america viewed as Englishmen, must bear cost/taxes
a. Centuries of fighting/French and Indian War pricey
b. Troops required to stay in America to safeguard against Indians

Mire. Kinds of Protests
a. Speeches – James Otix/Patrick Henry
b. Harassment – burning governors houses/tar and feathering tax enthusiasts
c. Boycotts – won't buy British goods
d. Committees of Correspondence – approach to colonies speaking

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