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Enlightenment Age of Reason video

Fox News Guest: The Age of Enlightenment Led ‘Down the Dark Path to the Holocaust’ (VIDEO)


Showing up on Fox &lifier Buddies, Cent Nance, the Boss of Concerned Lady for America, released right into a critique of Leader Obama’s transportation nominee Anthony Foxx, making the bizarre declare that his promise of a nationwide Day's Reason was similar to occasions that brought towards the Holocaust.

To coincide with, Foxx (the mayor of Charlotte now, New York and Obama’s pick to mind the Dot) released a in the city.

Cent Nance found much to criticize in Foxx’s very public endorsement from the Constitution’s dependence on a separation between chapel and condition.

“You know, GKay. Chesterton stated the Doctrine of Original Sin is the only person which we've 3Thousand many years of empirical evidence to assist. Clearly, we want belief like a component and it is just silly for all of us to state otherwise, ” she stated.

Nance even visited attack the Age Enlightenment and Reason, stating that it “gave method to moral relativism, and moral relativism is exactly what brought us completely lower the dark road to the Holocaust.”

Foxx has endorsed the nation's Day's Reason behind 2 yrs consecutively now. “The use of reason, greater than every other means, has shown to provide expect human survival on the planet, ” his proclamation read.

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