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Enlightenment Age of Reason

Thinking Geographically about the Age

B. Thomas Hobbes English

"A great contribution not just to geography's history, but additionally towards the good reputation for science.An informative study that verifies the precious contributions of physical practices."

Jan Golinski British Journal for that Good reputation for Science

Exactly what does it mean to ‘think geographically’ concerning the Enlightenment? Charles W. J. Withers proposes an intricate answer in the ambitious work of historiographical synthesis.Visitors is going to be stimulated to build up their very own insights around the relations between geography and history by Withers’s book, a proficient work of historiography within the physical mode. Like a survey of latest literature, its extensive footnotes and bibliography assists visitors for many years, though its coverage is restricted towards the natural and human sciences, disregarding other area of Enlightenment culture for example politics, religion, literature, philosophy and also the arts. It is imaginatively highlighted, having a wide variety of maps along with other images that demonstrate how geography was analyzed and trained. First and foremost, historians of science ought to be grateful to Withers for getting made the job completed in our area so central to his make an effort to reconfigure scholarly knowledge of this critical historic period."

Ray Wolff American Historic Review

"[Withers indicates] that geography was necessary to various areas of the Enlightenment project and it is essentially highly relevant to comprehending the Enlightenment in the past. This book might be usefully read along with the hugely stimulating collection Geography and Enlightenment."

Jonathan M. Cruz Journal of Regional Science

"Withers has been doing an remarkable job of stylishly mixing historic data and theory, mostly from science studies. Particularly impressive is his capability to present a theoretically prepared argument with hardly any heavy discussion of theory. He is sort of a skilled bartenders who slips something quite strong, but in the beginning undetected, into every drink. . . . A high quality book that skillfully combines historic geography, good reputation for geography, and philosophy of science."

Deninis Reinhartz Imago Mundi

"A pioneering study from the Enlightenment and it is growing awareness of space and put. . . . It's completely reseaached and well crafted.Inch

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