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All about Enlightenment the Age Reason

~ Theology Is Ignorance With Wings

imageNow I had been thinking about how simplistic theists need to be, the way they would rather remain in the dark.

Age Enlightenment was a period in the 1650’s to 1780’s by which cultural and intellectual forces in The European Union emphasised reason, analysis and individualism, instead of traditional lines of authority.

It challenged the authority from the Catholic Chapel and looked for methods to reform society with tolerance, science and skepticism.

Alas age Enlightenment appears to pass through nearly all theists by. You should check out this news and articles for just about any day and discover abuse and hate for other people according to religious prejudice. Listed here are a couple of from searching witchcraft


  • India tribal lady suspected of witchcraft – a 35 years old lady continues to be extremely gang raped allegedly by six males who suspected her of practicing witchcraft. The most recent incident happened in Kemrara, Madhya Pradesh. Some villagers suspected the lady of witchcraft because some children had fallen ill and died. The lady stated “nobody found help her when she had been raped and tortured” However they heard her screams
  • Africa – 17 arrested after “Limpopo” witchcraft attack. The violence began on Monday evening when citizens in Nancefield showed up at home of a 70 years old Pastor.image He'd apparently been observed in a relevant video saying he was involved with witchcraft which his teenage daughter was an evil spirit. The local people visited his home on Monday evening and attempted to lose it lower with your family inside.
  • Albino baby compromised to dying in Tanzania’s latest witchcraft related dying. The baby boy, Yohana Bahati was obtained from his home in Chato district. The babies mother Esther Johnson is within hospital after being assaulted having a machete to her face and hands as she treid to safeguard her boy. Albinism is definitely an hereditary condition leading to insufficient skin tones within the skin.image It affects one Tanzanian in 1, 400 and become associated with inbreeding. In the western world it affect one in 20Thousand.

No above are assisted through the fact the Vatican still have confidence in that old mumbo jumbo which year have actually trained much more priests as exorcists to get rid of devils and possession. Which science has provided ample proof for and therefore are usually fits. Christianity although diminishing in the western world keeps growing in Africa and also the South American therefore i suggest the Catholic Chapel bring themselves current with science and end up forgetting the bronze age bullshit they like to push concerning the demon and all sorts of its insane mentalities.
I spoke to some Christian lately and that he was sincere in the argument that atheists are psychologically ill. When entering a bit more detail it appears he found the straightforward fact we over think his reason behind saying so . Because he stated:-

“It is my view that the presence of a creator is easily the most provable of facts which the proofs are lots of and sufficient”

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