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Spiritual Condemnation and the 'New Age Maze' « The Culture of

Lately, articles was published by Era Denmark titled ‘The Brand New Age Maze – Fantastic Monsters and just how to get rid of Them’.

Despite the fact that it had been very critical of a lot ‘new age’ concepts which i and lots of others have recommended, I had been deeply intrigued because of it.

I’m always thinking about discovering the other conscious people are saying about some of what are recommended within the ‘new age’ movement, also it appears that many are pretty against the thought of greater-dimensional organizations who talk to humanity.

The writer has analyzed Theosophy, which is among many belief systems that empower the awakening human instead of greater-dimensional organizations. I’ve never analyzed Theosophy, however it appears to endorse the concept that we’re our very own instructors and following a advice or guidance of the supposed greater-dimensional soul may lead us down the wrong path.

As cited within the article from H.P. Blavatsky, the founding father of Theosophy, “Those who disappear from your living human Mahatmas to fall under the Saptarishi – the Star Rishis [greater-dimensional organizations], aren't any Theosophists.” (1)

The writer continues to inform us, “Throughout her documents, Blavatsky frequently stressed the ‘Masters of Wisdom’ that she conveyed were Tibetan and living people (she known as them Mahatmas) and never the so-known as ‘Ascended Masters’ the Modern movement champions.” (2)

Again, I’m no expert on Theosophy or a belief system, however it appears to empower living, human instructors while encouraging us to not give our energy off to any greater-dimensional messenger or any belief system leading us to place our belief in anybody but ourselves.

This quote in the song ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ by Bob Marley (who wasn’t a Theosophist at all), runs across the same lines.

“Most people think great God will range from sky

“Take away everything, making everyone feel high

“But if guess what happens existence may be worth, you'll search for yours on Earth” (3)

Several things the article’s author stated resonated beside me, but there have been things that appeared just a little coldhearted toward fellow searchers who, like her and everybody else, are merely finding their long ago towards the greater area within the ways in which perform best on their behalf.

I’ve stated before which i think every belief system, even when it’s naturally altered, may lead us to the greater area as lengthy once we, those who advocate them, have a very good mind on the shoulders along with a obvious, discerning mind.

The writer appeared concerned that a lot of searchers fall into line in the door of belief systems that may mislead them into giving their energy away, but when we truly seek spirit and our intentions are great, I do not think we’ll be fooled by belief system.

A number of searchers happen to be, however, and that's why some aspects of this article resonated beside me. This, for instance, makes sense:

“Spiritual development requires ongoing effort. It’s an artisanal work of creation and refinement. Values, inasmuch as they’re convictions, have little related to it. Contrary, the less you believe the greater you grow. But study of our belief system requires work and obvious thinking.

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