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Enlightenment Age DomiNations

DomiNations - Battle Through the Ages in a New Mobile MMORTS

Large Huge Games really wants to get you in the Stone Age towards the Space Age to help you to conquer yesteryear and dominate the near future all in your handheld device, Mac or pc. Pretty, no? It's, particularly when listening to it from among the designers behind DomiNations, Tim Train.

John Reynolds &lifier Train labored both labored at Firaxis Games and then founded Large Huge Games where these were integral in the introduction of Rise of Nations along with other strategy games for PC and console. Later, both gone to live in Zynga East where these were instrumental in assisting Zynga haul in over $750M. When that studio closed, the happy couple made the decision to create Large Huge Games to existence and also to strike an offer with Nexon, a comparatively new entrant in to the quasi-MMORTS games market.


The recently reborn studio’s first title is DomiNations, a method game with large aspirations. We'd the chance to talk with Large Huge Games’ Tim Train about DomiNations and just how it really wants to end up being the Civilization of the generation and much more when you are a ‘take along’ mobile strategy game in addition to a classical PC/Mac title.

“We take DomiNations towards the mobile platform and wish to function as the men to help make the history form of Civilization. We would have liked a game title set through all history. You progress in the Bronze Age to Classical Age to Gunpowder Age, and all things in between. You will find seven different asymmetric nations (different forces &lifier models) and incredibly in-depth core mechanics to understand. We've given our gamers more to complete for city building and fighting than most games of the type.”

DomiNations consists of familiar features that strategy gamers are utilized to: City building, city defense, resource gathering and much more. But gamers may also have the ability to be a part of military versus military warfare and produce diverse models in to the fray including cannons (slow but packing a large punch) and tigers, to title but two.

Gamers begin their journey throughout the Beginning of Civilization and discover to search and gather assets, to understand more about their surroundings and also to find treasure chests to spread out and begin accumulating their very own civilization. Typical components to do this include streets, farms, caravans, etc.

After that, it's a few “leveling” up one’s civilization to maneuver it to another Age. Based on what Age range happen to be mastered, gamers may have unique capabilities, models and forces.

A number of them include:

  • The British – bonus to fight when it comes to loot. Ranged infantry line
  • The Greeks – heavy cavalry, learning and monument (discount to technologies and structures)
  • China – bonus citizen to complete tasks and make a little faster etc.

Mercenaries will also be essential to a player’s success. They may be hired from one’s control center and located inside a specifically built Mercenary Camping. They're, however, one-time use models.

Gamers may also get access to special models, or Generals, including Nefertiti, Napoleon, and Alexander the truly amazing. Generals get unlocked in Medieval and something new general every time next.

Every 2 age range, gamers may also build certainly one of four miracles that provide special boosts and bonuses. Gamers receive wide versatility when selecting which question to construct which decision is large and impactful throughout the overall game.

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