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Coming to Jakarta For Persepolis?

Enlightened agents across the

While rainbow is scattered round the city to mark that Jakarta may be the Satellite Site for Persepolis, simultaneously the climate is flammable once we are preparing for hosting the XM Anomaly on . Enlightened is striving to win this war game so we need participate and safeguard Jakarta from attacks. Remember, this will be our opportunity to prove that we're one hell of the team!

Please, make time to browse and tour for this website to obtain more information. Look into the groupings and become familiar with your fight area! Scale up coordination together with your team now and consolidate with this Strategy Division. Time is restricted so we must maximize every chance to simulate, prep-up, train and intensify the communications! Look at your item inventory and make certain you've enough ammunition. Remember to distribute roles in your team! This really is crucial…

Solidify your team because XM Anomaly isn’t no more than the ‘bigger plan’, it is dependent on the prosperity of the more compact teams.

To any or all agents who're visiting Jakarta today, you want a safe trip so we shall help you in Taman Small Indonesia Indah!

Amongst the preparation for XM Anomaly Persepolis in Jakarta, everybody should be snappy. This is a simple checklist to help you….

  • Make certain you have registered yourself and verified in
  • Enroll in a team
  • If you have a group, please become familiar with your Team Leader and people
  • Book your transport to go to Jakarta
  • Arrange and/or book the resort
  • Ready your personal inventory of products
  • Ready your gears [extra batteries, charger, energy banks, etc]
  • Read our Logistics Note
  • As Team Leaders, you will find the chance to workout your leadership and also to answer a thrilling challenge in mobilizing agents out of your particular areas. Let’s get going in the end have a couple of hrs before the large day! Remember, you're selected as Team Leaders for a number of fantastic reasons!

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